GAB Titan GmbH: supplying titanium mill products and more throughout Europe. From flat and long product semis, to finished titanium products.

GAB Titan GmbH founded in 1959 joined the group of Titanium Consulting & Trading in December 2012. GAB Titan, based in Solingen, Germany, can guarantee prompt delivery of a wide range of titanium and titanium alloys mill products, including ingots, slabs, round bars, hexagonal bars, profiles, welding wire, plates, sheets, coils, tubes fasteners, forgings, flanges, and fittings melted in accordance with the main specifications.

The group further expanded its operations by setting up dedicated facilities to manufacture finished products on request. Processes available include cutting, welding, forming, turning, heat treatment and finishing.

Application of finished products may vary from chemical to industrial, from sports to automotive.

For the Galvanic and surface treatment especially GAB become an active partner supplying the industry.




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GAB Titan GmbH

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